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kairi ღ ([personal profile] oaths) wrote2022-07-05 09:57 pm
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ooc contact & hmd

i n f o ⤵
name Jen (or Jenda, if you know too many Jens)
timezone GMT -7 (Mountain Standard Time, USA)

c o n t a c t ⤵
aim sacred strike
dreamwidth [personal profile] ocarinas
email wisest.of.them.all [at] gmail.com
plurk [plurk.com profile] knighted


Need to contact me for plot, missed tags, or anything else? Either leave a comment here (best way) or by any of the other means listed above.

Questions, comments or concerns on how I play Kairi? Have I forgotten any important details about her? Am I utterly butchering her personality? You are welcome to leave constructive criticism in a comment here. Comments are screened, anon is enabled, and IP logging is off. I reserve the right to change these settings in the event that this HMD is abused. Please be courteous and direct any hate comments to wankgate instead, thanks.

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