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can i break the fourth wall with this character?
Go for it. Kairi is from a massive crossover canon and knows that, sometimes, strange things happen when you're visiting different worlds. Whether or not Kairi believes what your character says, she'll smile politely and acknowledge them.

can i threadhop/threadjack with this character?
Absolutely!-- Unless I have otherwise specified that a thread or log is closed to a particular character or characters. Please try to maintain a posting order, such as Character A → Character B → Your Character → repeat. I get very mixed up otherwise.

can i backtag/late-tag with this character?
Yes!! I'm a fairly slow tagger myself. I will happily continue to tag your replies as long as you like. If I have stopped tagging a thread with you and you would like to continue it, please let me know. It's likely that I simply lost the tag.

do you mind spoilers about my character/fandom?
Generally, I don't mind at all! If you are playing a character from a fandom I don't want spoilers about, I will take the initiative to contact you. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

can my character use text/typing quirks when replying to yours?
Go for it! Kairi may not be able to read what your character writes if their quirks are particularly bizarre, but she will try her best.

are there any subjects that bother you which might come up in roleplaying?
I'm pretty sensitive to matters of rape. General mentions and references are okay, but anything more detailed bothers me. I also won't participate in anything that involves rape, non-con, or dub-con.

( i c )
info for telepaths/mind readers
→ reading kairi's mind Though she has a little bit of latent extrasensory perception, Kairi has no experience with telepaths and does not know how to guard her mind against intrusion. She's very open and easy to read. The landscape of her mind is completely devoid of darkness-- things in her mind don't even cast shadows. Her mind is filled with thoughts of the many, many people she knows and cares about. Everything is richly sunset colored. Also, Kairi suffers from amnesia; she has no memories of her life before she arrived on the Destiny Islands at the age of five. These memories still exist inside her mind, but they are all but inaccessible to anyone but the most talented telepath. Unlocking them for Kairi to remember is not allowed with out talking to me first.
→ sensing her soul/aura Kairi is highly unique, one of only seven women in existence to have a heart without darkness. As such, her aura is white and pure, all but blinding in its brightness. No darkness can ever cloud it.
→ sensitive subjects Nothing, really.
→ people The two most important people in Kairi's life are her best friends, Sora and Riku. She thinks (and worries) about them all the time. Of course, there are lots of other people on her mind. Her adoptive parents, Selphie and her other friends on the Islands, Goofy and Donald and the King. Of course, there are lots of other people Kairi thinks about too. She's incredibly friendly.
→ mind control Please ask me before using any form of mind control on Kairi. I'll probably be okay with it, but I like to know what is going on.
→ off-limits topics None.

physical contact
→ general touching Perfectly acceptable. Kairi tends to be pretty comfortable around most people, including new acquaintances.
→ hugging/embracing/holding Also acceptable, even with new acquaintances. If Kairi does not like your character, though, she will struggle against them.
→ kissing Acceptable. Kairi considers kisses on the cheek/hand/forehead/etc. to be familiar or friendly and won't read much into it. A kiss on the lips will definitely warrent some surprise and embarassment. Whether or not Kairi is okay with it afterwards will depend on CR.
→ sex This is heavily dependent on situation and requires my direct permission. I am over 18, but Kairi is 15 and it is unlikely that I will involve her in anything sexual in a game. For memes, I assume her to be aged up to 18. Non-con and dub-con will be immediately denied, no matter the situation. Please contact me about anything sex related.

→ general fighting/arguing Acceptable. Kairi is particularly opinionated and will speak her mind rather freely, especially when she thinks she's right. Kairi is not a very skilled fighter, but she is fairly acrobatic and has her own Keyblade, which she is passably skilled with. Kairi typically doesn't throw herself into fights very often.
→ injuring Acceptable, but please discuss this with me before ICly injuring Kairi.
→ killing Generally not acceptable, but I am plenty willing to make exceptions. Please contact me.

Go for it! Kairi may or may not notice that your character is flirting with her, depending on how subtle or obvious said flirting is. How she reacts is dependent on CR, but she most likely won't even notice it.

Friendships are perfectly fine, but I make no guarantees that Kairi will develop romantic interest in anyone. (She may or may not canonically have feelings for Sora.) If you are interested in pursuing a romantic relationship between your character and Kairi, you are welcome to talk to me about it, but I typically like to let nature take its course.

No other IC warnings at this time.